I would like to purchase a Toyota vehicle. Where do I start?

We suggest that you visit a Toyota dealer or go to the Vehicles section of this website. To price a Toyota vehicle on-line, go to Build & Price where you can select a dealer and configure the vehicle of your choice.

Can a dealer sell for less?

A Toyota dealer is free to set its own selling prices for Toyota products and service.
What can I do online before visiting the Dealer?
You may select, customize and determine the price of a Toyota vehicle, products and services, based on MSRP, using the internet. You can apply for financing for your chosen vehicle, and obtain an approximate value for your trade-in. The transaction is then completed by your selected Toyota Dealer.

Can I purchase a Toyota vehicle directly from the manufacturer or distributor?

No. All retail sales transactions of Toyota vehicles are processed directly through Toyota dealerships in Canada, so you must contact a Toyota dealer. Toyota Canada is the distributor of new Toyota vehicles in Canada and is responsible for the warranties of these vehicles.

What do the different Toyota model names mean?

Here is a list of meanings of recent and current Toyota model cars, trucks and SUVs.

Named after Charis, a goddess in Greek mythology, who was a symbol of beauty and elegance. “Ya” refers to the German expression of agreement, symbolizing the car’s broad appeal in styling and representative of Toyota’s next generation of global cars.

Named after the outer envelope or crowning portion of a flower.

Refers to a rectangular arrangement of rows and columns, which corresponds to the cross-functional nature, versatility and interior functionality of the vehicle.

Derived from the Latin prefix meaning “to go before”.

Comes from kan-muri, the Japanese word for crown.

Refers to a legendary island paradise in the western seas off the British Isles where King Arthur was carried. Evokes images of comfort, spaciousness and sophistication.

Venza is a combination of the words “venture” and “Monza,” a city in Northern Italy with a racecourse named Autodromo Nazionare Monza. The name was chosen to represent venture, outdoor leisure and driving performance.

Derived from the Italian city of Siena.

Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD.

Conveys power, energy and ruggedness.

Refers to a combination of 4-wheel drive and off-road runner.

FJ Cruiser
Comes from the FJ 40-series Land Cruiser first introduced in 1961.

Named after the great redwood Sequoia tree to convey strength, longevity and beauty.

Derived from a native word for snowy mountain. Chosen for its outdoor images of strength and power.

Refers to a rugged terrain that conveys strength and robustness.

Where can I find information concerning the towing capacity of my vehicle?

For towing information on current model year vehicles, please visit the Vehicles section, select the vehicle of your choice, and choose Specifications.

Towing and weight capacity information is also available in your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual in the Trailer Towing section. You may also contact your Toyota dealership for further information.

Note: Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for additional towing information. Toyota does not recommend exceeding your vehicle’s load capacity as this could have an adverse effect on performance, braking, durability, and driving economy.

I have lost my keys. Where can I find the key code?

For security reasons, Toyota is unable to provide key codes.

To ensure that only the owner has access to the key code, please contact your Toyota dealer if you have lost your vehicle keys and need a replacement. Proof of ownership will be required.

How do I obtain Toyota Roadside Assistance?

To reach Toyota’s Roadside Assistance Services, please call 1-888-Toyota8 (1-888-869-6828) and select options 1 then 2.

For additional information on Toyota Roadside Assistance, go to For Owners > Toyota Roadside Assistance.